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Sounds from the Aurora

ECHOES FROM A GREAT DISTANCE started as a solo project in Spring 2015, and until 2020 the life of the band has been characterized by a number of changes in the line-up.

Since 2020, the band’s main artistic core consists of guitarist and singer Carlo Polo, main composer of the songs, and bassist Andrea Ferrantelli (Quantum Prana), a session musician who comes from experiences with bands like Odalisque, Masquerade, Subspace Radio and Celesti Alliance.

Recently the band became an international trio with the entrance of drummer Paave Kuluks

Carlo Polo – guitar, vocals, programmed drums (on studio)
Andrea Ferrantelli – bass, backing vocals

Paave Kuluks – drums


Echoes From A Great Distance’s style can be defined as a bridge between the psychedelic sounds from the 70s, the dark atmospheres from the 80s and the alternative rock sounds from the 90s. Just a hybrid between Pink Floyd, The Cure and Motorpsycho. Particular attention is given to shaping soundscapes and atmospheres, with guitar and bass sounds adopting various effects such as chorus, phase and delay; the arrangements exploit open chord structures, bass solos, and some jazz influences.